Daily Briefings

Get a head start on your day with your key media coverage

Making sure you get on top of the news first thing in the morning isn’t just about being efficient, it’s absolutely essential in a media landscape where a story can go wild on social media in a split second.

Whether that’s by 6am for you to read as soon as you open your eyes, or by 9am to get into the CEO’s hand for the morning's board meeting.

Guided by your requirements, we can provide relevant media articles plus an executive summary of the day's coverage, meaning you can quickly get on top of any issues rather than waiting to read the headlines yourself.

Ideal as an early morning snapshot of your news coverage

The media never sleeps, and neither do we! Our early morning daily briefings team is awake and busy before dawn, making sure business leaders are informed about the day's media landscape before it starts.

Helps to prioritise the day's media activities

A daily briefing report can show you how your company, stakeholders, and spokespeople are being mentioned in media that day - and therefore help you plan your public response. 

Customisation to suit your briefs including categorisation to get to the story you are interested in quickly

They can include your company logo, filter out unnecessary news, and be forwarded to every possible stakeholder. 


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