isentia.mediaportal: Analytics

Media Analytics Module

Measure the ROI of your media campaign, evaluate your communications performance, and deliver media analytics reports for your team and stakeholders. Integrated into your Mediaportal dashboard, the Analytics module is a powerful tool that will boost your media intelligence. 


The rich, interactive and customisable software of the Analytics Module provides fast and intuitive access to your business metrics, topics, competitors, industry segments, geographies, share of voice and more. Set the charts on your dashboard the way you want to view them by simply dragging and dropping.


Measure your success across all media types, including social, with visually engaging analytics charts. Building charts is easy and can include:

  • Title
  • Automated or editable commentary
  • Data totals and tables
  • Monitoring coverage


Dive deeper into interesting or unusual media activity and drill down into individual chart or geographic segments, expand time periods for a closer inspection, or modify dimensions to perform slice-and-dice analysis by audience, volume or advertising value. Mediaportal’s robust media analytics software includes a host of useful delivery, viewing and reporting options, developed over 10 years of feedback from our clients.


Turn any visualisation into a report instantly. Add an executive summary (or let Mediaportal automatically generate one for you) and export a professional quality report to share with colleagues, stakeholders or clients. Your Isentia Support team will be happy to work with you to set up automatically updated key charts on your personal dashboard and develop your regular stakeholder report template, removing the drudgery of data compilation and report building forever.